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Stress and Rescue Diver
Science of Diving
U/W Photography
Night & Limited Visibility
Perfect Buoyancy
Search and Recovery
Waves, Tides & Currents
Advanced Wreck
Equipment Techniques
Deep Diving
Nitrox Level 2 (40%)
Shark Diving
Marine Ecology

XR Extend Range Nitrox
XR Extended Range
XR Technical Extended Range
XR Normoxic Trimix
XR Hypoxic Trimix
XR Advanced Wreck
XR Technical Wreck
XR Rebreather
XR Cavern
XR Intro to Cave
XR Basic Cave
XR Cave

Silent Diving
Hollis Prism
Rebreather Cave

Classified Openwater Diver Level 1
Classified Openwater Diver Level 2
Classified Openwater Diver Level 3
Classified Openwater Diver Level 4

Classified Dive Buddy Level 1
Classified Dive Buddy Level 2
Classified Dive Buddy Level 3
Classified Dive Buddy Level 4

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Freediving Basic
Freediving Level 1
Freediving Level 2


First Aid
Oxygen Provider

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Open Water Inst
Specialty Instructor
Advanced Open Water Inst
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Master Instructor
XR Instructor

Scuba Rangers Kids Club

Scuba Ranger
Buddy Ranger
Civics Ranger
Computer Ranger
Equipment Ranger
Marine-Life Ranger
Navigation Ranger
Night Ranger
Rescue Ranger
Search Ranger
Advanced Ranger
Intermediate Ranger
Master Ranger

Teaching Diving International

Basic Nitrox
Advanced Nitrox
Staged Decompression
Extended Range
Advanced Wreck Penetration
Advanced Trimix
Advanced Gas Blender
O2 Tech
Intro to Cave
Full Cave
Staged Cave

National Association For Cave Diving

Intro to Cave
Apprentice to Cave
Full Cave
Stage Cave
Divers Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)